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DC Unlock the Multiverse Chapter 2 Black Adam Booster Box

DC Unlock the Multiverse Chapter 2 Black Adam Booster Box

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Product Description

Join a community of DC fans, Crypto Enthusiasts and Trading Card Collectors to collect, trade, buy, sell and compete in your Hybrid NFT Trading Card Collection. Seek memorable artwork from the DC Multiverse honoring your favorite heroes, villains, locations, gadgets, iconic moments, and more. Learn facts about the DC Franchise and compete in quests to reap rewards and climb up the leaderboards. This is your chance to Unlock the DC Multiverse and experience the fandom like never before!


  • Hro bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds with Hybrid NFT Trading cards.
  • Each physical trading card is minted with a unique serial code that unlocks a 1:1 digital NFT twin on the Ethereum blockchain by scanning a QR code.
  • Your NFT twin provides proof of authenticity and ownership that enables 24/7 access to your collection and a global marketplace of fans and collectors so you can buy, sell, trade, and compete with trust and security.
  • Twenty-four guaranteed holographic trading cards: Each 24-count CDU of Hro Hybrid NFT Trading Cards comes with at least 24 holographic cards - guaranteed.


24 Packs per Box, 7 Cards per Pack