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2021 Panini Prizm Football Hobby Box

2021 Panini Prizm Football Hobby Box

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Each Box contains Two Autograph Cards, Ten #'d Prizms, Four Silver Prizms, Five Inserts, and 24 Rookies!

  • One Snakeskin Prizm PER CASE!
  • Two Autograph Cards Per Box!
  • Ten #'d Prizms Per Box!
  • Four Silver Prizms Per Box!
  • 24 Rookies Per Box

One of the biggest names in sports cards, 2021 Prizm Football delivers one of the biggest base sets, colorful new parallels, and brand new inserts. Collectors of all types and ages will find something to love in 2021 Prizm Football.

Loaded with exclusive content, look for new parallels Orange Wave, Navy Camo, and Forest Camo!

Collect one of the best rookie classes of all time in this 110-card rookie Set! Every box delivers 24 rookies on average.

Look for short printed inserts such Illumination, Instant Impact and Stained Glass, as well as, the ultra-rare Color Blast! Brand New in 2021, look for the ultra-rare Manga inserts! These inserts combine to fall one-per-case, on average.

New Inserts for 2021: Prizm Break, New Recruits and the Ultra-rare Manga.


BASE: Prizm returns with a 330-card base set that is loaded with veterans and legends from every franchise!

Base Prizm Orange #'d/249
Base Prizm Purple Ice #'d/225
Base Prizm Blue Wave #'d/199
Base Prizm Hyper #'d/175
Base Prizm Red Wave #'d/149
Base Prizm Purple #'d/125
Base Prizm Blue Ice #'d/99
Base Prizm Green Scope #'d/75
Base Prizm Orange Wave #'d/60
Base Prizm Purple Power #'d/49
Base Prizm Navy Camo #'d/25
Base Prizm Forest Camo #'d/15
Base Prizm Gold #'d/10
Base Prizm Gold Vinyl #'d/5
Base Prizm Black Finite One-of-One
Base Prizm Snakeskin

ROOKIES: Find 110 of the NFL's top newcomers in Rookies. Find one Base Prizm Snakeskin or Rookies Prizm Snakeskin per case, on average!

Rookies Prizm Orange #'d/249
Rookies Prizm Purple Ice #'d/225
Rookies Prizm Blue Wave #'d/199
Rookies Prizm Hyper #'d/175
Rookies Prizm Red Wave #'d/149
Rookies Prizm Purple #'d/125
Rookies Prizm Blue Ice #'d/99
Rookies Prizm Green Scope #'d/75
Rookies Prizm Orange Wave #'d/60
Rookies Prizm Purple Power #'d/49
Rookies Prizm Navy Camo #'d/25
Rookies Prizm Forest Camo #'d/15
Rookies Prizm Gold #'d/10
Rookies Prizm Gold Vinyl #'d/5
Rookies Prizm Black Finite One-of-One
Rookies Prizm Snakeskin

ROOKIE PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: Hunt for rare Rookie Patch Autographs Exclusively in Hobby Boxes!

Rookie Patch Autographs Prizm Silver Max #'d/99
Rookie Patch Autographs Prizm Purple Power Max #'d/49
Rookie Patch Autographs Prizm Gold Max #'d/10
Rookie Patch Autographs Prizm Black Finite One-of-One

FRANCHISE LEGENDS SIGNATURES: Franchise Legends Signatures, a star-studded autograph set that features some of the biggest names in NFL History!

Franchise Legends Signatures Max #'d/149
Franchise Legends Signatures Prizm Blue Ice Max #'d/99
Franchise Legends Signatures Prizm Green Scope Max #'d/75
Franchise Legends Signatures Prizm Purple Power Max #'d/49
Franchise Legends Signatures Prizm Navy Camo Max #'d/25
Franchise Legends Signatures Prizm Gold Max #'d/10
Franchise Legends Signatures Prizm Black Finite One-of-One

ROOKIE AUTOGRAPHS: Chase autographs of the NFL's newest rookies!

Rookie Autographs Prizm Silver
Rookie Autographs Prizm Red Wave #'d/149
Rookie Autographs Prizm Green Scope #'d/75
Rookie Autographs Prizm Purple Power #'d/49
Rookie Autographs Prizm Camo #'d/25
Rookie Autographs Prizm Gold #'d/10
Rookie Autographs Prizm Gold Vinyl #'d/5
Rookie Autographs Prizm Black Finite One-of-One

ILLUMINATION: Find your favorite player in this 35 card SP insert. Find a mix of current veterans and rookies!

MANGA: Brand new in 2021, Manga utilizes Anime-style illustration to create a truly unique card of the top vets and rookies in the NFL.

COLOR BLAST: Be on the hunt for unique inserts, including Color Blast! This super short-printed insert falls one in every 10 cases, on average!

12 Packs Per Box, 12 Cards Per Pack