Dragon Ball Super: Fusion World Awakened Pulse FB-01 Booster Box

Dragon Ball Super
24 Packs
Fusion World
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Booster Box
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Product Description

Fusion World provides a welcoming environment to new players: simple to learn, hard to master! These two Dragon Ball Super TCG titles will expand the game area connecting even more Dragon Ball fans. Players can rest assured that the current game's cards will remain playable in Masters.

  • 24 Booster Packs per Box

Fusion World uses three card types identical to Masters, but they feature their own stylish unique design. The artwork will impress new players and thrill collectors! Fusion World features renewed game design mechanics that make the game more direct and fast paced so both casual and competitive players can enjoy it. The basic game flow is the same as Masters, encouraging experienced players to enjoy faster paced gameplay! Players will enjoy the tactics unique to Fusion World.