BCW: Paper Flips 2x2 - Small Dollar (100ct)

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Coin Flips
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Product Description

Square white card-stock coin holder, most commonly called 2x2's, Mica or Micas or even just Flips. Place your Presidential and Susan B. Anthony dollars in the holder, fold it over, and staple or tape it shut. The front and back of the coin is visible and descriptions of the coins can be written on the holder. They are commonly stored in 20 pocket binder pages or storage boxes.

  • Window is made of crystal clear archival polyester
  • Fits nicely into 20-pocket binder pages
  • Bulk packaged, no storage box included
  • Window sized for a 26.5mm US Small Dollar
Exterior Dimensions:
1 15/16 x 1 15/16
100 flips per bundle
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