2022-23 Panini Premier League EPL Impeccable Soccer Hobby Box

8 Cards
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Hobby Box
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Product Description

Every Box contains Four Autographs, One Additional Autograph/Memorabilia Card, One Metal Insert, One Parallel & One Base Card!

Impeccable Soccer is back for the 2022-23 Premier League season - look for on-card autographs, metal cards and much more!

All 20 Premier League clubs are included in the collection, including stars from Brighton & Hove Albion, Arsenal, Newcastle United and Leicester City.

Find 4 autographs and 1 additional autograph or memorabilia card per box.

Be on the lookout for metal bar case hits, featuring one ounce of precious metal embossed with the Premier League logo alongside one of the best players in the league.

NEW! Hall of Fame autograph insert, celebrating select inductees into the Premier League Hall of Fame.


BASE: Look for a 150-card base set featuring players from all 20 Premier League teams.

- Sapphire (#'d/25)
- Silver (#'d/18)
- Gold (#'d/10)
- Emerald (#'d/5)
- Platinum (#'d/1)
- Printing Plate Cyan (#'d/1)
- Printing Plate Magenta (#'d/1)
- Printing Plate Yellow (#'d/1)
- Printing Plate Black (#'d/1)

ROOKIE METAL: Rookie Metal takes the best young players in the Premier League and emblazons them onto unique all-metal cards.

- Gold (#'d/10)
- Black (#'d/1)

PREMIER LEAGUE LOGO: Featuring ingots of real precious metal embossed with the Premier League logo, find one gold or silver card per hobby case, on average.


HALL OF FAME: This cardset celebrates inductees into the Premier League Hall of Fame with certified autographs.

- Hall of Fame Silver (Max #'d/49)
- Hall of Fame Gold (Max #'d/10)
- Hall of Fame Emerald (Max #'d/5)
- Hall of Fame Platinum (Max #'d/1)

CANVAS CREATIONS: There are 3 on-card autograph inserts in Impeccable soccer including Canvas Creations, Immortal Ink and Indelible Ink.

- Canvas Creations Silver (Max #'d/25)
- Canvas Creations Gold (Max #'d/10)
- Canvas Creations Emerald (Max #'d/5)
- Canvas Creations Platinum (Max #'d/1)

IMPECCABLE MATERIALS: Don't forget about the memorabilia. Find 5 autographs of memorabilia cards per box, on average.

- Impeccable Materials Silver (Max #'d/25)
- Impeccable Materials Gold (Max #'d/10)
- Impeccable Materials Emerald (Max #'d/5)
- Impeccable Materials Platinum (Max #'d/1)

8 Cards per Box