2022 Panini Playbook Football Hobby Box

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Hobby Box
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Every Box contains Two Autographs, Two Memoabilia Cards Including One Autograph/Memorabilia Booklet!

2022 Playbook Football delivers the top vets and rookies in some of the most compelling autograph and memorabilia sets of the year.

Look for Rookies Playbook Jersey Autographs with On-Card autographs and numbered to 299 or less!

Chase the best moments in the NFL captured with unique photograph in Game of Inches!

Hunt for Vault Tri-Fold Jersey Autographs, featuring the top rookies and vets in the NFL!

New in 2022, look for auto sets Hash Marks and Shotgun Signatures. Also look for new mem sets Storybooks, Yearbook Swatches and Sunday's Best.


ROOKIES PLAYBOOK JERSEY AUTOGRAPHS: Look for on-card autographs from the 2022 NFL Draft with Rookies Playbook Jersey Autographs all numbered to 299 or less!

- Rookies Playbook Jersey Autographs Gold - #'d/99
- Rookies Playbook Jersey Autographs Platinum - #'d/49
- Rookies Playbook Jersey Autographs Green - #'d/25
- Rookies Playbook Jersey Autographs Red - #'d/10
- Rookies Playbook Autographs Gloves - #'d/5
- Rookies Playbook Jersey Autographs NFL Shield - #'d/1
- Rookies Playbook Jersey Autographs Nike Swoosh - #'d/1
- Rookies Playbook Jersey Autographs Laundry Tag - #'d/1
- Rookies Playbook Jersey Autographs Printing Plate - #'d/1

PLAYBOOK MATERIAL AUTOGRAPHS: Chase some of the top talent in the NFL in Playbook Material Autographs, this booklet features some of the best vets in the game today.

- Playbook Material Autographs Max #'d/49
- Playbook Material Autographs Green Max #'d/25
- Playbook Material Autographs Red Max #'d/10
- Playbook Material Autographs NFL Shield One-of-One
- Playbook Material Autographs Nike Swoosh One-of-One
- Playbook Material Autographs Printing Plate Cyan One-of-One
- Playbook Material Autographs Printing Plate Magenta One-of-One
- Playbook Material Autographs Printing Plate Yellow One-of-One
- Playbook Material Autographs Printing Plate Black One-of-One

ARMORY: Chase on of the most desirable memorabilia cards in the hobby in Armory! Highlighted by the top rookies of the 2022 draft this Booklet features 6 swatches with a variety of memorabilia.

- Armory Max #'d/49
- Armory Gold - Max #'d/25
- Armory Premium - One-of-One

SHOTGUN SIGNATURES: Brand new in 2022, look for Shotgun Signatures. This autograph set highlights some of the best quarterbacks in the league.

- Shotgun Signatures Max #'d/ 199
- Shotgun Signatures Gold Max #'d/99
- Shotgun Signatures Platinum Max #'d/ 49
- Shotgun Signatures Green Max #'d/25
- Shotgun Signatures Red One-of-One

GAME OF INCHES: The iconic memorabilia booklet returns with unique photography and jumbo swatches, a fan favorite for collectors!

- Game of Inches Max #'d/49
- Game of Inches Gold - Max #'d/25
- Game of Inches Premium - One-of-One

VAULT TRI-FOLD JERSEY AUTO: Chase the rare Vault Tri-Fold Jersey Autographs with an autograph and a collection of materials, all numbered to 25 or less!

- Vault Tri-Gold Jersey Auto - Max #'d/25
- Vault Tri-Gold Jersey Auto Gold - Max #'d/10
- Vault Tri-Gold Jersey Auto Premium - One-of-One

ROOKIES SIGNATURES LOCKER: All the gear to take the field, search for Rookie Signature Locker featuring head to toe gear from the 2022 NFL Rookie Class!

- Rookie Signature Locker - Max #'d/99
- Rookie Signature Locker Prime - #'d/25
- Rookie Signature Locker Premium - One-of-One

ROOKIES SIGNATURES: Exclusive to Hobby, look for numbered parallels of Rookie Signatures, Numbered to 99 or less!

- Rookies Signatures Gold - Max #'d/99
- Rookies Signatures Platinum - Max #'d/49
- Rookies Signatures Blue - Max #'d/25
- Rookies Signatures Green - Max #'d/10
- Rookies Signatures Red - One-of-One
- Rookies Signatures Printing Plate Cyan One-of-One
- Rookies Signatures Printing Plate Magenta One-of-One
- Rookies Signatures Printing Plate Yellow One-of-One
- Rookies Signatures Printing Plate Black One-of-One

STORYBOOK: Brand new for 2022, Storybook highlights the top rookies who are just beginning their stories in the NFL!

- Storybook Max #'d/49
- Storybook Prime Max #'d/25
- Storybook Premium One-of-One

1 Pack per Box, 4 Cards per Box