Random 50ct Pack of Standard Sized Card Sleeves

Usually ships in 24 hours

Random Pack of Standard Sized Card Sleeves

Need some sleeves and don't care what you get? Then look no further. 50 factory sealed sleeves for $2. Sleeves fit Magic, Pokemon, Dragonball and other games that use standard sized sleeves.

These are not garbage "holographic" sleeves like some vendors sell, nor are they defective factory seconds. Our random sleeves are all overstock, closeouts or sleeves we only have a few packs of.

Sleeves may include products from Legion, Ultra-Pro, Brick, KMC, Dex Prot, and others.

Since many sleeve packs come in quantities larger than 50 you may get a few more sleeves than you paid for. You might get a 60 pack instead of a 50. Or you might get a 100 pack instead of two 50 packs (very common).

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