Magic the Gathering Dragons Maze Intro Deck Set

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Order a Magic the Gathering Dragons Maze Intro Deck Set Today! Intro Deck Set Contains 1 each of all 5 Intro Decks: Each Intro Deck contains: 1 Premium Card 1 60 Card Deck 2 Booster packs of Gatecrash 1 Learn To Play Insert 1 Strategy Insert Third, and final, set in the popular Return to Ravnica? block! Magic? fans have rejoiced over being able to revisit the world of Ravnica, and have broken event attendance and sales records around the globe. Dragon’s Maze? offers players a chance to experience even more of the most popular Magic setting of all time. Featuring new cards from all 10 Ravnica guilds! Dragon’s Maze is like no other Ravnica set ever made, it includes new cards from all of the guilds. These guilds encourage players to identify with their favorite two-color combination, and are universally loved. There’s something exciting in Dragon’s Maze for every Magic player Nonbasic land in every Dragon’s Maze booster pack! For the first time ever, the basic land slot in booster packs will be filled with a nonbasic land instead. Different rarities will appear; Guildgates, “Shock” lands, and also a new Mythic Rare land. Players will be excited to open boosters that offer a special land in every pack. As an Authorized Internet Retailer with Wizards of the Coast, we can only ship current Magic the Gathering sealed products within the U.S and it's Territories. With the weight of MTG orders over $100 with free shipping we may ship either UPS or USPS Priority Mail whichever we deem more cost efficient.