What is this: "NEWGIOH" you speak of?

What is this: "NEWGIOH" you speak of?

Posted by Steven Kraml on 17th Jul 2015

A new format for Yu-Gi-Oh! It's called "New"GiOh! (get it? cleaver right?...I didn't make the name).

When I tell people that there is a fan made format for the trading card game, the typical YGO player rolls their eyes. It is something about the culture of the players in this game that makes them a little less trusting of these alternative competitive ideas. It isn't like Magic: the Gathering where there is a new format invented every week and now suddenly there is a 50 player sized tournament. 

Frankly I don't blame players for brushing off the initial idea. There are a lot of ideas out there but few good ones, and everyone thinks they have the perfect solution to make YGO more fun. What got me to hear it out was when a customer mentioned that ARG (Alternative Reality Games) hosted it at one of their tournaments. Then it turns out the creator of the format was a big name player back in the day who is really good with the classic Goat Format back in 2005.

When I talked with other Goat Format fans they thought it seemed cool because it has the same balance and feel of the Goat Format, but different enough that it was a new playing field for them. For example, this format extends to the set Cybernetic Revolution, plus they added in other cards to help balance the format such as "Tour Guide of the Underworld" and "Number 30: Acid Golem".

So those who are 10 year long players are hooked, but why should newer players care? This is how I explain it: "You get to play with Pot of Greed."
Boom, we're done here! Seriously, there are so many players (myself included) who see these simple, fun sounding cards and want to play with them, but they can't because Konami has kept it banned for so long. This leads players to typically just staying at home and playing casually. This gives players that chance to play with "Pot of Greed", "Graceful Charity", "Heavy Storm", "Solemn Judgment", plus you get to honestly tell people that the format is based on what legions say was the most balanced, skilled based format in YuGiOh! history!

Sold yet? No? How about this: Konami recently stated that they are no longer going to be releasing ban lists on a consistent biases. This means it is completely subjective and whenever they feel like it. NewGiOh has set deadlines for updating their format, and they will do so very cautiously; however, they do reserve the right to emergency ban or change something if they feel it is for the best of the game (something Konami has already done in the past).

I hope players come by and play the format, at least give it a chance. I think it is a really good idea. Personally I began playing YuGiOh around that time (2004ish) and lets just say, I still had a lot to learn about the game. In addition, for my play style (not everyone ran "Scapegoats" + "Metamorphosis") I remember thinking there were too many broken cards. Fast forward to today, here is my second chance, and it has enough of a twist that everyone else will still be learning all the potentials with me.