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Posted by Steven Kraml on 29th Jun 2015

Breaking News:Magic: The Gathering just announced today that they will be implementing an experimental new mulligan rule during the Pro Tour Magic Origins event July 31st- August 2.What it basically s … read more

Modern Masters 2015 - Mean Price Details

Posted by Steven Kraml on 16th May 2015

I have been hearing a lot from customers and other players about other online sources discussing the value of Modern Masters 2015. It appears a lot of people have had the same idea ~ super valuable se … read more

Modern Masters 2015 Part 2 - Mean Pricing

Posted by Steven Kraml on 13th May 2015

Modern Master 2015's complete list has been released, and there are tons of cool reprints! I was out of the game during most of the time that this set covers, so to get a 2nd chance at these mythic cr … read more

Modern Masters 2015: Return of the Tarmogoyf

Posted by Steven Kraml on 6th May 2015

There are two big questions around this product.First, what is being printed in it?Tarmogoyf is the big money card. It is making another debut after it's first reprinting in Modern Masters 2013.  … read more

New Rules of Rotation

Posted by Steven Kraml on 12th Apr 2015

A while back Mark Rosewater, the Head Designer of Magic the Gathering wrote an article about the major change in the game: the way complete sets get rotated in and out of Magic. This sent shock waves … read more