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Tribute and Parting Thoughts

Tribute and Parting Thoughts

Posted by Steven Kraml on 27th Mar 2017

Some Parting Thoughts by Steven Kraml:It's with bitter sweetness to make this blog post about Steve Hauer. He was a faithful employee of the Collector Store for over 15 years, a generous parent to the … read more
What is this: "NEWGIOH" you speak of?

What is this: "NEWGIOH" you speak of?

Posted by Steven Kraml on 17th Jul 2015

A new format for Yu-Gi-Oh! It's called "New"GiOh! (get it? cleaver right?...I didn't make the name).When I tell people that there is a fan made format for the trading card game, the typical YGO player … read more


Posted by Steven Kraml on 29th Jun 2015

Breaking News:Magic: The Gathering just announced today that they will be implementing an experimental new mulligan rule during the Pro Tour Magic Origins event July 31st- August 2.What it basically s … read more

Modern Masters 2015 Part 2 - Mean Pricing

Posted by Steven Kraml on 13th May 2015

Modern Master 2015's complete list has been released, and there are tons of cool reprints! I was out of the game during most of the time that this set covers, so to get a 2nd chance at these mythic cr … read more

Red-Eyes Do-A-Bunch-Of-Stuff Dragon!

Posted by Steven Kraml on 24th Apr 2015

It may seem far away, but before you know it Clash of Rebellion will be upon us (Sometime in August). That might be why players are already talking about this set and card prices are already reflectin … read more