Posted by Steven Kraml on 29th Jun 2015

Breaking News:

Magic: The Gathering just announced today that they will be implementing an experimental new mulligan rule during the Pro Tour Magic Origins event July 31st- August 2.

What it basically says is: "If you mulligan, before everyone is ready to start the game, you get to scry 1."

If you don't know what 'scry 1' means, it is where you basically get to look at the top 1 card(s) of your deck then choose to either put the card(s) back on top or bottom of your deck.

This may seem minor but it can make the difference between wanting to mulligan down to 5 or keep your not-so-promising hand of 6. For example, if you mulligan down to 6, and draw 2 lands, you may now want to keep it because now you can scry away a dead draw. Or if you where to draw 4 lands, you may now keep because you can scry away a land you may draw.

It does have its limits too: Lets say you have a hand of 6 now with 4 lands, your lands may be clumped and while scrying away another land is nice, it does not stop the next 2 lands you are still going to draw anyway.

It also can be cruel to keep a hand, look at the next card, and it isn't what you need ~ but you still really want it for a combo, do you really want to scry it away now?

These decisions will be the challenges the players at Pro Tour Magic Origins will have to make; however, if players enjoy it, then this rule may be implemented for all Magic players world wide! We will just have to wait and see!!

(If you want to see the legal text of the new rule:

"103.4. Each player draws a number of cards equal to his or her starting hand size, which is normally seven. (Some effects can modify a player’s starting hand size.) A player who is dissatisfied with his or her initial hand may take a mulligan. First, the starting player declares whether or not he or she will take a mulligan. Then each other player in turn order does the same. Once each player has made a declaration, all players who decided to take mulligans do so at the same time. To take a mulligan, a player shuffles his or her hand back into his or her library, then draws a new hand of one fewer cards than he or she had before. If a player kept his or her hand of cards, those cards become the player’s opening hand, and that player may not take any further mulligans. This process is then repeated until no player takes a mulligan. (Note that if a player’s hand size reaches zero cards, that player must keep that hand.) Then, beginning with the starting player and proceeding in turn order, any player whose opening hand has fewer cards than his or her starting hand size may scry 1." )