Modern Masters 2015: Return of the Tarmogoyf

Posted by Steven Kraml on 6th May 2015

There are two big questions around this product.

First, what is being printed in it?

Tarmogoyf is the big money card. It is making another debut after it's first reprinting in Modern Masters 2013. 

This bad boy was once a $100 card, then it was reprinted and did something I have never seen a reprint do before ~ it went UP in price! In fact, it went as high as $300 at one point. Since then it settled to $200, but with it being reprinted again, will it go up a second time? We will have to find out (I could devote a whole blog post to just the economics of what happened with this card, that's how wild it was.). Oh and it is also a good card too.

Next we see Emrakul, the Aeons Torn.

He is an old Eldrazi, which is fitting since we will be returning to that plane come next fall. He might as well say "If you bring out this guy, you win the game." He can't be countered, protection from almost everything, flying, and oh yeah ~ take a bonus turn. 

I actually made an infinite colorless mana deck in modern recently and while looking for a good card to apply this combo towards I found him. He was perfect! Except he was also like $50 at the time. I am excited to see him get reprinted so I can try to enjoy the deck without proxies.

Last card I will talk about today is Karn Liberated.

By far one of my favorite planeswalkers simply because I am a huge fan of Memnarch's story. It made me sad when I saw he was $30 card. I am glad to see him joining the ranks among those who are super valuable. He is a great card, and in draft I bet he will be a lot of fun to use. In short, see him ~ pull him (unless Tarmogoyf is in the same pack, that would just be heartbreaking in a draft.).

There are about another 70+ cards leaked so far for this set. Which means we got a lot more fun surprises to look forward to.

Now for the second most popular question: How much are we (Collector Store LLC) charging for the product?

Long story short, I don't have a clue. Right now the price is out of control. Sometime it is going for $200, other times $300; my guess is it is going to be around the $250 mark per box and $10.99 a pack. But don't quote me on this; I don't get final say.

Till next time, see ya!