Modern Masters 2015 Part 2 - Mean Pricing

Posted by Steven Kraml on 13th May 2015

Modern Master 2015's complete list has been released, and there are tons of cool reprints! I was out of the game during most of the time that this set covers, so to get a 2nd chance at these mythic creatures and planeswalkers is amazing. Here is a list for yourself to look over, click here.

Now I could spend long hours talking about each of these card's playability, or I can talk about something equally interesting that is on everyone's mind: money! Using the power of statistics and the pre-sale values listed on TCG player, one could actually figure out the average value of a booster pack for Modern Masters 2015!

I am pleased to report that after a lot (and I mean A LOT) of math the average value of a booster pack today 5/14/2015 is $13.77. This means that say you open cases and cases of the product, after you average out all the cards that you opened your average return per a pack is $13.77.

So lets say you find someone pre-selling the packs at $15.00 a piece ~ probably not a good deal. You would be better off just buying the individual cards because each pack you buy, you are losing $1.23. However, if you find someone pre-selling the packs at ~ oh let's say ~ $10.99 then you are making $2.78 a pack! This means that it is better for you to buy individual packs than it is to buy individual cards (assuming you are just interested in just making bank).

And all of that is just based on TCG Player's low price! If you did the same math at the medium price levels you are looking at $14.70 per pack! That $10.99 just looks better and better doesn't it?

Will the singles stay at the value forever? Of course not! But should they go up then it is safe to assume that store's $10.99 prices will be drying up fast.