Best Chess Set Ever

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the best chess set ever

The Best Chess Set Ever

A fresh, versatile take on the classic chess set

Our chess set has been carefully designed for durable functionality and refined gameplay. Whether you’re playing through the elements in a blitz game at the park, or classing up a hip interior with modern minimalist aesthetic, the Best Chess Set Ever answers the call.

The Best Strategy Guide Ever

Includes an exclusive 32-page strategy guide has everything from the basic rules to tips on coordinating advanced attacks. Our illustrated guide is organized in beginner, intermediate, and advanced categories, to help you build experience and develop strategic skills. A must-have handbook for players of all levels.​

Why it's the best

  • Sleek and durable modern-minimalist design
  • Beautiful heavyweight pieces perfect for blitz chess
  • Board folds up easily and always lies perfectly flat
  • Game box stacks neatly with other contemporary game sets

chess geeks

Silicone Chess Board

chess board game

Tournament Approved. Heavyweight game pieces featuring 3.75-inch tall King. Tournament style 20 x 20-inch board with algebraic chess notation. Handbook includes basic rules of play as well as tournament and timing regulations.

Durable, with a Premium Feel. Triple weighted Staunton game pieces with classic look and feel. Silicone game board available in a black color scheme.

After 1,500 years, the Best Chess Set Ever is finally here! Designed to be durable, portable and stylish, the Best Chess Set Ever is the perfect addition to your game collection, and the ultimate gift for the chess lover in your life.