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Magic the Gathering Mirrodin Besieged Booster Box

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Magic the Gathering Mirrodin Besieged Booster Box
36 packs per box, 15 Cards per pack.
War has descended on the metal plane of Mirrodin. Mirrodin has been split into two factions, the native Mirrans battle against the invading Phyrexians. Each side is rallying all their might, each side is poised to snatch victory. Mirrodin Besieged is the second installment in the Scars of Mirrodin block. This set will contain 155 cards. Mirrodin Besieged heralds the return of Glissa Sunseeker as, Glissa, the Traitor and the rebirth of the master artificer, the planeswalker, Tezzeret! The set adds exciting new mechanics for each faction. For the Mirran's, Battle Cry, a keyword that whenever a creature with Battle Cry attacks it will benefit your other attacking creatures with +1/+0. For the Phyrexian's mechanic, Living Weapon, when an equipment card with Living Weapon enters the battlefield, you put a 0/0 Germ Token into play and then attach the equipment to the token. Poisoned expands the Infect mechanic, stating that a player is poisoned as long as he or she has at least one poison counters on them. How many or few poison counters the player has doesn't matter, just that they are poisoned to activate the effect. Along with these new mechanics a few familiar tactics are brought back; Imprint, Metalcraft, and Proliferate will return from the first set, Scars of Mirrodin! The five suns rise on the dawning of a new era, which side will you choose?. RETURN TO MIRRODIN?: The Scars of Mirrodin block marks the return to a world of twisted metal first seen in 2004. The orginal Mirrodin block is one of the most popular and successful in Magics history.
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